Pregnancy Rants

Myth Busting

Whew. After a very gloomy post about infidelity last week, I thought something a little fun would be nice. I just hit my sixth month (woohoo!) and we’re scheduled for an ultrasound next week to find out our baby’s gender.

This had me thinking about all the things I’ve heard from family and friends about my pregnancy. Most of them were trying to predict my baby’s gender but there were a couple of interesting ideas as well. I’ll get right to it so you can see for yourself.

1. Hanging a towel over your shoulder will result in the baby’s umbilical cord wrapping around his neck.

My aunt was pretty adamant about this when she saw my towel over my shoulder as I was brushing my teeth. It’s a convenient place to put a towel if you’re gonna dry yourself immediately after doing something. Somehow the baby will emulate this and wrap his umbilical cord around his neck. I won’t know yet if this is true until I give birth but I can’t see how it can be.

2. Stepping over your husband while he’s sleeping will transfer morning sickness to him.

I’m pretty sure this was made up by vengeful housewives who wanted to punish their husbands for knocking them up. However, I was having such a hard time during my first trimester that I did actually try this. It did not work. My husband kept sleeping like a log and I kept hurling like a geyser.

3. Scratching your itchy belly will cause stretchmarks.

I believe they’re called stretchmarks because they’re the mark of stretching. Nevertheless, I don’t have stretchmarks *yet* so I will sacrifice myself in the name of science. I am scratching only the right side of my belly and resisting to scratch on the left. This should mean I will only have stretchmarks on the right side, right?

4. Eating a pregnant woman’s food will make you sleepy

While sleeping has never been a bad thing in my opinion, it seems the sleepiness caused by a pregnant woman’s food is similar to a coma. So many of my relatives were deathly afraid of this. If there was food on the table or anywhere near me, they would interrogate me first, “Did you eat from this? DID YOU EAT FROM THIS?!”

Whoa… chill..

5. A protruding belly button means your baby is a boy.

My belly button has gotten a bit squished but it’s still very much in. This means my baby is a girl, I guess? I’ll find out next week but that’s one vote for girl based on the signs. Why baby boys push out navels is something I wouldn’t understand.

6. Morning sickness during pregnancy means your baby is a girl.

Well if that’s a true indicator then my baby is a girl and she will come out in a frilly pink dress, a tiara, and lots of pink fairy sparkles. My morning sickness was so bad I sincerely thought I would not survive my first trimester. I googled this a bit and experts supposedly say that there is no real link but I’ll find out for sure next week. Vote two for my baby girl.

7. A round belly means your baby is a girl, pointed belly is a boy.

What exactly does a pointed belly look like? I have seen hundreds of pregnant women and their bellies all look round to me. Nevertheless, I declare my belly round. Vote three for my baby girl.

8. Darkening of your neck means your baby is a boy.

The baby’s added testosterone supposedly darkens the mommy’s neck. I did a quick search on this but could not find any conclusive answer. People tell me my neck hasn’t darkened at all so my baby will most likely be a girl. Vote four for my baby girl!

9. A cheating husband will have a female firstborn.

Okay, so I just HAD to put this in because even before I got pregnant, people have been telling me this. It’s supposedly a way for karma to punish the husband for his misdeeds. The baby girl will grow up and her dad will watch her break her heart. If it’s true, though, karma please leave my baby alone. My husband is very sorry. 😦

(Vote five for girl.)

10. Great skin means your baby is a girl.

My skin has always been good. I can’t say it’s absolutely great but I don’t get pimples and my pores do not exist. That hasn’t changed in the last six months so does that mean my baby is a girl? If that’s the case, this is vote six.

That’s my list. So far all signs point to me having a girl. I’ll find out next week! In the mean time, is my list the same as yours? I’m sure you guys have heard more. Let’s compare notes and tell me which ones you’ve proven or debunked.


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