Pregnancy Rants

Eating for Another

Happy New Year everyone!!!

So it took me a while to get my next post out because my husband and I went on vacation and there was no internet. None. At all. Not even a smidgen of mobile data. It was still the most fun I’ve had in a long time, though.

Before we left for our grand vacation, I got two bits of news regarding my pregnancy. The first one, of course, confirmed a lot of the gender prediction myths people have been telling me. Yep, you got it.

My baby is a GIRL!

My initial reaction was fear because I didn’t really do so well as a girl. I have very limited interest in “girl stuff” and spend most of my growing up years playing video games. I kind of doubted if I’d be the best person to raise a girl. Now that I’ve gotten used to the idea, though. I think it could be fun to play dress-up with my baby. ♥♥♥

The second bit of news that I got is, well, a bit serious considering the first one got me thinking about clothes shopping and play dates. My second glucose test confirmed that I have gestational diabetes.

My mommy friends did warn me beforehand to lay off the chocolates and cookies. I didn’t listen. Who the hell lays off chocolates during Christmas, right? If I only listened to them. I’ve seen other pregnant women eat everything in sight without having to worry about diabetes. I guess I shouldn’t have assumed I’d be as lucky. *sigh*

Well the up side is, my doctor says it usually goes away after giving birth. So there’s a good chance that I’ll be able to go back to my old eating habits in three months. The down side is, I need to follow a strict diet and monitor my blood sugar three times a day.

The monitoring is a bit expensive but is bearable. What’s hard is the diet. Have you ever been on a Christmas vacation where you can’t eat anything that tastes good? It’s not just sweets that I have to avoid while on my diabetic diet. I can’t have anything oily, I can’t have too much carbs, I can’t have too much red meat. It’s pure torture.

I am soldiering on, however. Following my diet is hard but I can’t even begin to imagine how my baby feels inside me after I drowned her in sugar these past few months. She has grown bigger that she should be. She also had to put up with all the contractions cause by my gestational diabetes. If she ends up hypoglycemic after birth, it will be on me as well. I’d rather not have my cake that affect my baby’s health any more that I already have.

When you’re pregnant, people say you are eating for two. Most of the time this is misinterpreted and women end up eating double of what they usually eat. What eating for two really means is that it’s not just your health and nutrition that you need to worry about.

Gestational diabetes is only one of the possible complications of poor diet choices during pregnancy. While the temptation to give in to every food craving is nearly impossible to resist, it’s best to think about what it will do to the baby.


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