Pregnancy Rants

Today was a bad day…

I’ve been cooped up for months and today was one of the few days I got to go out. In the last seven months I probably went out for a total of 30 times, OB appointments included.

We don’t have a full-length mirror at home so I was shocked to see myself in the mirror while shopping earlier.

I am HUGE.

Or at least my belly is. It’s not even like the pretty pregnancy photos I see on my newsfeed. I’m just oddly shaped and awkward. It was ugly.

We went home and I was going to cook rice. My belly bumped the rice container and everything just ended up on the floor.

Every part of my body now hurts or itches. I’m covered in hideous rashes, some of them have turned into a ghoulish dark purple color that’s just gross.

My husband refuses to touch me now and insists on sleeping with a pillow between us. He’s too afraid of accidentally hurting my belly.

I don’t know why I thought I can do this…


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